left side (receiving, female)
VIOLETT: sensitivity, independence
It points to a visionary human being enriched with ideas. Its expression percepts are profound and sensitive. You have access to our own spiritual, medial abilities, including divination and telepathy along with the capability of the artistic expression and it's realization. The commitment towards the daily based tasks is naturally integrated into our life as well as into our higher sense of duty.

Head  WHITE:
You envision our actual state of mind along with the aspirations and wishes.
You are a spiritually motivated kind of being. The color white combines all range of the visible spectrum.

right side (active, male)
LIGHT BLUE: The turning towards the inner center, trust
You are the resting pole of the society and happen to emanate peace, freedom, hope and belief in Your gentle light of blue. You convey the power of faith, compassion and concealment, devotion and tolerance. With generosity You feel with people in need giving them empathy. A faint Oxford blue points to a retreat to the inside.

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